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Our members are fighting to save vital unemployment and employment services under threat at the state Department of Labor.

Members of AFSCME Local 1303-432, the Windham Public School Crossing Guards Union, are preaching as another school year begins.

Use this site to find a wealth of Council 4 and AFSCME web-related resources, including our constitution, steward handbook, financial standards code and more.

Get the latest information on the details of the Rowland lawsuit settlement here.

Get the latest state employee updates on pensions, health care and other related issues.
Recent Updates:
Agreement Protects Disability Pensions
NP-3 Bargaining Unit Contract Survey
P-2 Bargaining Unit Contract Survey
HEP Compliance Rebates
2015-16 General Wage Increase

Get the latest candidate endorsements and access our candidate questionnaire. Reminder: The 2015 primary is Wed., Sept. 16.

Check out the summer 2015 edition of The 4-Word, our membership newsletter.

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