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Standing Up For Public Safety

Local 610 member Scott Owens, right, speaks with WFSB reporter Jason Frazer.

State police dispatchers are the unsung heroes of the Connecticut's emergency response system.

"I like to help the public," AFSCME Local 610 member Scott Owens recently told Channel 3. "It's a good job."

It's their concern for public safety that's prompted our dispatchers to question the impact of consolidating dispatch services in Eastern Connecticut.

The state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection has centralized operations within the Tolland Barracks, but failed to provide adequate staffing, forcing dispatchers to work double shifts while trying to master the geography of a dramatically expanded response area.

That's why Council 4 and the members of our NP-3 Bargaining Unit who work in dispatch services are speaking out and asking legislators and the Governor to scale back on the consolidation until there is a plan to ensure public and staff safety throughout the region, which includes Killingly, Danielson, Montville and Colchester.

Click here to see Channel 3 reporter Jason Frazer's interview with Owens.

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