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Legislature Overrides Rell Veto of Prison Safety Bill

Thanks to a strong push by members of Council 4's NP-4 Corrections Bargaining Unit, the state legislature overwhelmingly voted to override Gov. Rell's veto of a prison safety bill.

Legislators voted 131 to 10 in the House and 33 to 3 in the Senate on July 20 to reverse Rell's earlier veto of Public Act 09-223 which will create a permanent committee responsible for overseeing the health and safety of correctional staff who work in the state’s prisons.

“Our members walk Connecticut’s toughest beat, and that beat is only getting tougher” AFSCME Local 391 President Jon Pepe said. “This legislation won’t cost taxpayers any money, but it will save lives.”


NP-4 Leadership talks to the media about Rell's override of a prison safety bill.


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