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Eddy Bloom: A True Blood Brother

Sept. 29, 2015 – The Connecticut Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross recently recognized AFSCME Local 1303-061 member Eddy Bloom, an HVAC technician for the West Hartford Board of Education, for outstanding work in coordinating blood drives for school employees.

Twice a year, Bloom organizes Red Cross blood drives sponsored by his union, Local 1303-061 (West Hartford Board of Education Skilled Trades) and open to fellow school and town employees.

“Last year AFSCME Local 1303-061 contributed 72 pints of blood to help more than 216 area hospital patients,” said Steve Levinson, Red Cross district manager of recruitment and outreach with the Connecticut Blood Services Region. “We are lucky to have such a faithful partner in Eddy Bloom, who not only gives so much to the Red Cross, but also gives back to the community”

Bloom, a 15-year school system employee, personally understands the importance of donating and receiving blood. Several years ago, a transfusion of blood saved his father’s life. He has never forgotten the impact of that event.

“The Red Cross depends on people like Eddy, who are true heroes – unsung heroes – in our communities, without whom we would not be able to get lifesaving blood to patients in need,” said Olivia Davis, Red Cross account manager for the Connecticut Blood Services Region.

Bloom started the blood drives four years ago. He credits his fellow union members along with the Plant and Facilities Services Department of the West Hartford Public Schools and the Department of Public Works for their continued support and participation.

“It gets better every year,” Bloom said. “The people who deserve recognition are the people who donate blood. They’re helping save lives.”

Local 1303-061 President Chris Marks noted that the Red Cross blood collection employees in Connecticut are members of AFSCME Local 3145.

"We are proud of Eddy, but we're also proud to support our dedicated union brothers and sisters at the Red Cross. They're the ones protecting the safety and availability of our blood supply."

Pictured, l-r: Steve Levinson and Olivia Davis of the American Red Cross-Connecticut Blood Services Region; Local 1303-061’s Eddy Bloom, Chris Marks and Mike Giliberto; Paul Edlund, Manager of Building Services; and Brian Mitchell, Operations Manager for the DPW.

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