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Say "No" To Quentin Tarantino

AFSCME Local 1361 President Doug Clark speaks to Channel 3 reporter Matt McFarland.

Nov. 12, 2015 – Council 4, a labor union representing nearly 35,000 public service workers, including municipal police officers across the state, is urging its members to boycott director Quentin Tarantino’s forthcoming movie The Hateful Eight in the wake of his recent anti-police comments at a New York City rally.

In a letter mailed to Council 4’s affiliated local unions, Executive Director Sal Luciano wrote:

“We find Mr. Tarantino’s remarks offensive, divisive and hateful. While we recognize every person has First Amendment rights, we as union members have the right to push back in principled opposition. One way we can show support for the public servants we represent is not to spend our hard-earned dollars in support of those who stoke the flames of intolerance and even hatred against dedicated public servants.”

Sgt. David Orr, a 15-year police officer and President of AFSCME Local 1727, representing the Norwalk Police, said his members support the action taken by Council 4:

“Mr. Tarantino has made a very nice living glorifying crime and depicting violence in his films. It's what he's known for. Police officers earn a wage protecting and serving real people in real communities in every corner of this country. He will never know what that's like. Mr. Tarantino's statement about police being 'murderers,' and his support for the anti-police movement is reflective of the fictional world within which he lives. He has no idea what the truth really is.”

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