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Westport Deserves Better

'Westport deserves better'

I am proud to work for the town of Westport. My colleagues and I take great pride in our work. We believe that our efforts help make Westport an attractive place to live and work. However, we feel it is grossly unfair for members of the Board of Finance to treat Westport's public service workers as scapegoats rather than assets.

We are all middle-class workers. We pay taxes and are raising families. We buy goods and services. We are not the reason for the economic downturn that has pounded all communities, some much harder than Westport.

Government is not a for-profit business enterprise. Slashing vital public services is a sure-fire path to disaster. Imagine a town with slower police, fire and EMS response. Imagine a town that can't plow and clear roads expeditiously. Imagine a town with a crown jewel of a library being forced to cut its hours. Imagine a town with long waiting lines for licenses and other basic services. Imagine your parks and recreation facilities and programs being diminished. Is this the Westport we want?

Westport's public service workers recognize the challenges facing our town. We want to be part of a solution that makes things better, not worse, for residents and businesses. Unfortunately, the Board of Finance has chosen to make deep cuts to vital services that, if adopted by the RTM, will do lasting damage to the quality of life in our great town.

We hope Westport residents will join us in urging the RTM to restore the cuts by the Board of Finance to the budget. Westport deserves better.

Colin P. Kelly,

Conservation Compliance Officer,


This letter was published in the Westport News on April 16, 2010. Colin Kelly is President of AFSCME Local 1303-387

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