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Savings on Electricity, Oil, Propane

Citizen’s Oil Co-op is excited to provide a new opportunity for savings on electricity and propane.

Since 1992, Citizen’s Oil Co-op, Inc has provided Connecticut consumers with competitively lower prices for full-service home heating oil. Now, Citizen’s Oil Co-op, Inc. has partnered to help members save money on their electric bill. Due to deregulation of electric generation services competing market providers can now offer a reduced price on electricity.

Citizen’s Oil Co-op, Inc. is extending electricity at a discounted rate based on a member’s kilowatt usage. Discount savings average from 5%-20% lower than CL&P or UI. It is free to sign up. There are no hidden or cancellation fees, no long term contracts, and rates are all-inclusive. CL&P or UI will still remain your service provider and continue to handle billing process.

Citizen’s Oil Co-op serves both residential and commercial customers.

Propane companies associated with Citizen’s Oil Co-op offer 24-hour service along with automatic delivery. Co-op members pay less for propane through group purchasing power. If you are already a member of the Oil Co-op, there is no additional membership fee. If you are not a co-op member there is annual member ship fee of $25(seniors for $15), and a $10 application fee. (No fees for Electricity.)

For more information call (860) 561-6011 or visit our website at www.oilco-op.com and click “Now Offering Electricity” to sign up.

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