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Council 4 and Council 15 Announce Unification

June 17, 2015

To: Council 15 and Council 4 Leaders, Staff and Members

From: Sal Luciano, Executive Director Council 4 and Patrick Gaynor, President, Council 15

For several months, Council 4 and Council 15, with guidance from AFSCME International, have engaged in discussions about unifying our organizations. Our objective from the start has been to create a bigger, stronger and more nimble union that will have the necessary resources to combat continued assaults on organized labor and law enforcement around the country.

We are pleased to announce that on June 16, 2015, union delegates to the 48th Annual Council 15 Convention formally voted to approve unification with Council 4. In accordance with the amendment adopted at the Convention, Council 15’s Executive Board and staff has been directed to create a new AFSCME Public Safety Council.

We are committed to a seamless transition. Current agreements and representation will remain the same for the approximately 2,000 members of Council 15 who are joining ranks with the approximately 32,000 members of Council 4. A transition team comprised of Council 4 and Council 15 leadership is being put in place to address the details of the unification. To further ensure there is no disruption in servicing and representation, current Council 15 staff will be offered positions at Council 4 in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement between Council 4 and the Association of Council 4 Employees.

As you know, our International Union has a plan to protect the jobs, financial security and future of AFSCME members. That plan is AFSCME Strong. Joining forces here in Connecticut is another pillar to becoming AFSCME Strong – and protecting our pay, pensions and health care. Unification will benefit the membership of both our unions by amplifying our voice at the bargaining table and in our communities, and providing us with the tools to confront the serious challenges ahead.

Thank you.

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