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Council 4 Staff Directory

To reach Council 4 staff, please call (860) 224-4000 and use our dial-by-name directory or e-mail us, using first initial and last name@council4.org., e.g., jsmith@council4.org

Council 4 Directors:
Sal Luciano, Executive Director
Kevin Murphy, Director, Collective Bargaining & Organizing
Patrick Sampson, Asst. Director of Collective Bargaining & Organizing
Tricia Johnson, General Counsel

Staff Representatives:
Anthony Bento
Kelly Cashman
Travis Cromack
Neal Cunningham
Victoria DeFrank
John DeVito 
Thomas Fascio
Kathy Cooper
Joshua Herbst
Wayne Marshall
Kelly Martinez
John Miller
Lisa McKinnon
Robert Montuori
Tim Oppenheimer
Brett Owen
Norris Person
Roberta Price
Troy Raccuia
Kelly Rommel
Tricia Santos
Scott Soares
Laurie Webster
Jason Wells 

Service Representatives:

Steven Carbone
John Cole
Paul Lavallee
Luke Leone
Bonnie Liedtke
Bob Parziale
Anne Peckham
Terri Paventi
Heather Longo-Racicot
Tom Sellas
Joe Stone
David Testa 

Field Representatives:
Steve Curran
Emily Demicco
Eddie Perez

Office & Field Staff:
Brian Anderson, Legislative & Political Coordinator
Joseph Aresimowicz, Education Coordinator
Marge Baran, Assistant Financial Coordinator
Megan Batchelder, Secretary to the Executive Director
Betsey Grady, Administrative Assistant
Larry Dorman, Public Affairs Coordinator
Nancy Sewell, Research Assistant
Carla Simmons, Technical Information Coordinator
Diane Trifone, Assistant Financial Coordinator
Stephanie Wise, Administrative Coordinator

Council 4 AFSCME
444 East Main St., New Britain, CT 06051
Ph: (860) 224-4000
Fax: (860) 224-3041
E-Mail: info@council4.org
Web: www.council4.org
Facebook: @council4
Twitter: #c4mc

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