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2012 Legislative Wrap-Up

Sen. Beth Bye, 2nd from left, talks with Bob Facey (Local 3713), and Sarah Schuyler-Gallaway and Anthony Miller (Local 269).

The state legislative session is over with numerous victories for workers. Here are some highlights:

  • Additional funding to the state employee pension fund, reducing long-term liabilities and strengthening the fund.
  • $100 million in aid to towns and cities as part of education reform.
  • Paraprofessionals now have access to family-medical leave.
  • Restored funding for stress reduction programs for corrections officers.
  • Blocked attempts to cut state and municipal employee pay, pension and health care as well as changes to binding arbitration.
  • Over 12,000 new union members as personal care attendants and child care providers who work for state programs now have access to collective bargaining.
  • Municipalities can now implement Project-Labor Agreements for public construction projects to ensure local workers are hired at decent wages.
  • Election-Day Registration and other reforms that make it easier for citizens to vote.

A number of other priorities, unfortunately, did not come up for a vote before midnight on May 9:

  • Our effort to expand retirement security through the creation of a public retirement plan.
  • Increasing the minimum wage.
  • Ensuring consumers and small business folks are added to the Health Insurance Exchange Board, and thereby guiding healthcare reform, rather than health insurance executives.
Claudine Wilkins-Chambers and Donna Monroe of Local 3429 talk to State Rep. Toni Walker (New Haven).

Council 4 will keep fighting for these priorities in the next legislative session. We want to thank all of our members who helped us maintain a steady presence at the State Capitol throughout the legislative session, culminating in our May 2 Lobby Day that featured Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and several prominent legislators.

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