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Rowland Layoff Lawsuit Update

There have been positive developments in the decade-old lawsuit by the state union coalition (SEBAC) against former
Gov. John Rowland and his budget director Marc Ryan.

In December, Attorney General George Jepsen withdrew his petition to the Supreme Court challenging an Appellate
Court ruling that Rowland broke the law when he singled out 2,800 unionized state employees for layoffs in 2003.

Then, on January 24, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Rowland’s and Ryan’s appeal of that May 2013 ruling, which found they violated the First Amendment rights of union members who were laid off in 2003.

“No one – except apparently former Governor Rowland and his lawyers – is surprised that the Supreme Court rejected
his appeal,” said Stamford Attorney David Golub, who represents SEBAC unions. “Attorney General Jepsen correctly and wisely recognized that the Second Circuit’s decision would not be reversed by the Supreme Court and that it’s time to settle this case and provide relief to the thousands of public employees whose employment and lives former Governor Rowland’s unconstitutional actions damaged.”

Golub will spearhead settlement discussions with input from SEBAC unions. If you were a Council 4 member impacted by the 2003 layoffs (either through layoff or bumping) please send us an email with your name, employee ID, where you worked and how you were affected to info@council4.org.

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