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Correctional Unions Member Rally

Members of Local 391 turned out to rally against privatization.

Members of our NP-4 State Correctional Bargaining Unit joined with Rocky Hill community members and lawmakers to protest plans to house sick and elderly inmates and mental patients on the grounds of a former state hospital in a Rocky Hill neighborhood.

The Malloy administration is pursuing plans to open a nursing home in a residential Rocky Hill neighborhood within two weeks, despite public safety concerns raised by community members and others.

Our NP-4 correctional bargaining unit (AFSCME Locals 387, 391 and 1565), representing front line prison employees, are opposed to the nursing home because the inmates would be supervised by private security, instead of trained DOC personnel.

Local 391 President Joe Vecchitto, left, and Local 1565 Steward Michael Lombardo speak at the rally.

"This is a classic case of the state putting money over the safety of staff and the public," said Local 1565 member Michael Lombardo, a Correctional Counselor, Union Steward and Rocky Hill resident. 

On Feb. 26, the town of Rocky Hill issued cease-and-desist order to block the opening of the nursing home.

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