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Are You HEP Compliant?

In accordance with the guidelines of the Health Enhancement Program (HEP), members whose records show they or their dependents are non-compliant are subject to removal from the financial benefits of the program at upcoming Health Care Cost Containment meetings.

Members will receive notice of the time and date of the meetings directly from the Comptroller's office, along with specific instructions about how to contest the removal if they disagree -- and how to come into compliance if they agree they are not in compliance.

In the meantime, if you have not complied with the HEP requirements, it is very important to do so as soon as you can. This will prevent or reduce any possible financial consequence downs the line and, of course, provide you the tools to stay healthy.

If you get notice or you've already been told that program records indicate you are not in compliance, and you believe those records are inaccurate, you can contact the program's administrator (Care Management Solutions) at 877.687.1448. You can also contact the Health Care Cost Containment Committee directly through the Comptroller's office, or ask your union for assistance.

Only members (or dependents) who have chosen not to comply with the program will be removed by the Committee.

If you are a Council 4 AFSCME member and have HEP-related compliance issues, please contact us: info@council4.org.

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