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State Bargaining Units Reach Extension Agreements

Council 4's NP-3 Clerical, NP-4 Corrections and P-2 Social and Human Services Bargaining Units have reached agreement on contract extensions while new collective bargaining agreements are negotiated with the State.

Click here for the NP-3 Extension Agreement.

Click here for the NP-4 Extension Agreement.

Click here for the P-2 Extension Agreement.

These agreements mean our members will work under the general terms and conditions of collective bargaining agreements that expired June 30, 2016. According to the terms of this agreement, most, but not all of the rights in our expired contract will continue to be in effect until a successor agreement is approved.

According to CGS 5-278a, which governs lapsed bargaining unit contracts, the following items, and ONLY the following items needed to remain in effect for the State to be operating within the letter of the law:

  • Salaries
  • Differentials
  • Overtime
  • Longevity
  • Allowances for uniforms

Some of the notable items that are not available through the “bridge” contract:

  • No GWI/COLA in July 2016
  • No Step increases/Top Step payment in January 2017
  • No new Tuition Reimbursement funds
  • No new Professional Development funds

As we continue to negotiate successor agreements with the State, keep in mind that your fringe benefits remain in effect and fully protected, thanks to the SEBAC health and pension agreement that runs through 2022.

All of our bargaining units continue to make good faith efforts to reach successor agreements with the Malloy administration. Stay tuned for continued updates.

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