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Katrina Edmonds, Local Hero

L-R: Eddie Glass, Kenny Blue, Katrina Edmonds, Lee Saunders and Sal Luciano.

Katrina Edmonds is an emergency communications dispatcher for the City of Hartford and a proud member of AFSCME Local 1716.

Eddie Glass is a housekeeper at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford and an equally proud member of the New England Health Care Workers Union, District 1199.

Until March 7, when Glass placed a 911 call that Edmonds answered, their paths had never crossed. Now, as Glass says with a laugh, “We’re attached like Siamese twins.”

Glass could barely speak when she called 911 from home in Hartford’s Blue Hills section. She was bleeding profusely from a cancerous growth on her uterus.

“Her first words were ‘Please help me,” Edmonds recalled. “She was in distress. It was quite frightening.”

Edmonds stayed on the line with Glass for more than 7 minutes, providing advice and comfort as Glass drifted in and out of consciousness while waiting for emergency medics to arrive.

Glass made it to the hospital and is on the road to recovery – an outcome that would not have been possible, she maintained, without Edmonds’ intervention.

Katrina saved me that day. Her voice kept me coming back. She’s my hero,” Glass said.

Making a difference in people’s lives matters deeply to Edmonds, who was born and raised in Hartford. “I take pride in helping my fellow citizens. People only call us on the worst day of their lives. If I’m not alert, I could cost a person their life.”

On April 9, at Council 4’s business convention in Farmington, AFSCME President Lee Saunders, Council 4 Executive Director Sal Luciano and Local 1716 President presented Edmonds with a special certificate of recognition.

“We are so very proud of your work, Katrina,” Saunders told Edmonds before an audience of nearly 300 Council 4 members. “You did an outstanding job. You serve your community, city and state with distinction, and with care. We are proud of you, inspired by you—and we will never quit fighting for you.”

Edmonds proudly accepted the award, with her new friend Eddie Glass right by her side.

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