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This section is intended as a guide for our state employee members regarding health and pension benefits negotiated through the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC), of which Council 4 is a member.

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February 2017: Legislature Approves Pension Funding Agreement
The Connecticut General Assembly on Feb. 1 approved HR8/SR7, the resolutions supporting the state pension funding stabilization agreement between the State of Connecticut and the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC). More.

Jan. 2016: Response to Guv's State of the State & Call for Concessions
Gov. Malloy’s reference to “state employee concessions” during his State of the State address may give some the impression that the governor expects a small minority of the population to resolve Connecticut's fiscal challenges. The reality is that the scope of the problems facing us all requires a broader, far more comprehensive approach. More.

December 2016: Seniority Fix in Rowland Settlement
The US District Court has ruled that loss of seniority as a result of the Rowland layoffs is a form of economic loss that is recoverable under state and Federal law. More.

December 2016: State, Unions Agree to Shore Up Pension Funding
The state union coalition have reached agreement with the Malloy administration to restructure state employee pension fund payments. The agreement does not impact members' retirement benefits or require increased employee contributions, but it does stabilize pensions by ensuring obligations to current and future retirees are fully funded. More.

November 2016: Comment on Meeting with Malloy Administration
The administration requested to meet informally with SEBAC Leaders, and that discussion occurred. The parties plan to meet informally again. More.

August 2016: NP-3 Clerical Tuition Waiver Agreements
Council 4 has reached agreements with the University of Connecticut and the Connecticut State College and Universities (CSCU) to extend the employee tuition waiver program for members of our NP-3 Administrative-Clerical bargaining unit. More.

August 2016: Contract Exensions for State Bargaining Units
Our NP-3, NP-4 and P-2 Bargaining Units have reached agreement on contract extensions while new collective bargaining agreements are negotiated with the State. More.

June 2016: Laid Off State Employee Intake Form
Council 4 is compiling an impact survey on the 2016 state employees initiated by Gov. Malloy. We want to use this information as part of our campaign to fight layoffs and service cuts. More.

May 2016: Open Enrollment Starts May 9
The 2016-17 open enrollment runs from May 9, 2016 through June 3, 2016. During open enrollment, you may change medical and/or dental plans, add or drop coverage for your eligible family members, or enroll yourself if you previously waived coverage. More.

April 2016: Laid Off by the State? Know Your Rights.
If you are a state employee represented by Council 4, and laid off from your job, use this section to understand your contractual and other rights, and to fill out an online survey about the impact of layoffs on you and your agency. More.

April 2016: Seniority Lists and Calculating Seniority
With layoffs taking place, it's important to be aware of your seniority relative to your bargaining unit contract. Use this section to determine your seniority. More.

April 2016: Union Comments on Meeting with Administration
Leaders of our state employees union coalition met with officials from the administration today and plan to meet again in the near future. More.

Oct. 2015: State Union Coalition Comments on Pension Funding
The State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition reaffirmed today that any discussions about changing the system for funding state employee pensions is a subject of collective bargaining. More.

September 2015: CT State Employee Campaign for Charitable Giving
THE CONNECTICUT STATE EMPLOYEES’ CAMPAIGN FOR CHARITABLE GIVING allows Connecticut State Employees to contribute to non-profit charities at the workplace through the convenience of payroll deduction. The campaign runs to Dec. 4, 2015. Please consider designating your donation to the United Labor Agency, code 5098. More.

August 2015: MOU on Disability Retirement
State employee unions and the Malloy administration reached agreement on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that clarifies eligibility standardsfor disability pensions. Council 4 has been at the forefront of efforts to prevent the state from stopping the payment of disability retirement benefits to workers who have earned them. More.

July 2015: General Wage Increases Due
In accordance with our state bargaining unit agreements, a 3% general wage increase for all Council 4 members became effective July 1, 2015. The increase will be reflected in the July 23rd paycheck. More.

July 2015: Rowland Lawsuit/Class Action Home Page
Be sure to check the special SEBAC Class Action Home Page to access updates, court documents and more. More.

July 2015: HEP Compliance Rebates and Penalties
Active members who successfully complied with the requirements related to any of the 5 chronic illnesses listed under the HEP (Health Enhancement Program) during 2014 will receive $100 in their August 7th paychecks. Retirees in compliance will see the same amount in their checks on August 31. More.

State Union Coalition Responds to Auditor's Report on Disability Retirement
The state employee coalition responded to a letter from the state auditors questioning the payment of disability retirement benefits to state workers.  Council 4 has been at the forefront of efforts to prevent the state from stopping the payment of disability retirement benefits to workers who have earned them. More.

Council 4 Responds to State Budget Inclusion of "Wage Reduction Assumption"
Council 4 commented on the legislative budget agreement that assumes state employee concessions, in the form of a half percent reduction in raises, which would be negotiated for the 2016-17 fiscal year. We have not agreed to any such reductions in wage increases nor have we had any discussions regarding this possibility. More.

May 2015: Grievance Filed Over Comound Drugs
SEBAC has filed a grievance contesting the state's right to unilaterally establish guidelines that require state employees to obtain prior authorization for compound medications containing non-FDA approved ingredients. More.

April 2015: Rowland Lawsuit Settlement Announced

A settlement has been reached in the SEBAC v. Rowland lawsuit dating back to 2003, bringing to a close a dark chapter in our state's history. Read our reaction and get the Q&A regarding the settlement. More.

March 2015: Comptroller Has Preliminary Agreement to Continue With Anthem, United/Oxford

The Comptroller has announced that his office has reached a preliminary agreement to continue having Anthem and UnitedHealth continue as the vendors for our health plans. Click here for the announcement.

Jan. 2015: Annual Increments
State employees scheduled for their Annual Increment (AI) in January will see this in their paycheck dated 1/24/15. More.

Oct. 2014: HEP Clinic Schedule
The Office of the State Comptroller, in conjunction with the Health Enhancement Program (HEP) Administrator, Care Management Solutions, has scheduled over 50 HEP Clinics across the State over the next few months. 

Click here
for the list of agency locations where the HEP clinics will be held. More...

October 2014: Rowland Lawsuit Update
The law firm of Silver, Golub, and Teitell LLC has sent a letter and a form to all union members affected by the Rowland layoffs. If you were affected by the Rowland layoffs, you should have received a letter by the end of October. More.

October 2014: Anthem-HCCC Resolve Dispute
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Hartford HealthCare (HHC) announced that they have reached a multi-year agreement on the renewal of their contract. More...

Sept. 2014: Update on contract dispute between Anthem and Hartford Health Care.
The State of Connecticut has made interim arrangements with Anthem and Hartford Health Care to keep the state’s plan in-network if the two sides fail to reach an agreement over payments from Anthem to Hartford Health Care. More...

August 2014: Information on Rowland Layoff Impact
If you were affected by the 2003 Rowland layoffs, you should receive a packet in the mail from the law offices of Silver, Golub, and Teitell LLP in the near future. This is the law firm that has been handling SEBAC’s lawsuit against the Rowland Administration. More...

July 2014: Raises in Effect July 1

The 3% General Wage Increase (GWI) for state employees went into effect on July 1, 2014. Members should see this increase with their check on July 24, 2014. Click here for more information relevant to your bargaining unit as well as useful links.

July 2014: Latest Update on Rowland Lawsuit Settlement

State employees who may have been impacted by the 2003 Rowland layoffs will soon receive a detailed questionnaire designed to help union attorneys calculate damages. More...

May 2014: Open Enrollment 2014-15
Open enrollment this year runs through June 6, 2014. During open enrollment, you may change medical and/or dental plans, add or drop coverage for your eligible family members, or enroll yourself if you previously waived coverage.

You may also enroll in the Health Enhancement Program (HEP), if you have not done so already. Any changes you make are effective July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015 unless you have a qualifying status change.

Click these links for more information (Scroll down to Additional Resources for all related links concerning 2014-15 health care planning):

April 2014: State Selects CIGNA Dental for Active & Retired Employees
The state of Connecticut has announced that the state has selected a new dental carrier, CIGNA after a competitive bidding process. CIGNA will solely administer the state employee and retiree dental plan at drastically reduced annual costs over the previous dental contract. Click here for the SEBAC Q&A.

March 2014: HEP Compliance Update
Many state employees have received letters of ‘non-compliance’ from Care Management Solutions (CMS), the vendor hired to administer the Health Enhancement Program (HEP). However, the list of ‘non-compliant’ HEP members is not up-to-date. CMS does not have the authority to rule a member non-compliant; only the joint labor-management Health Care Cost Containment Committee (HCCCC) can make that determination, and will not do so if you are compliant, regardless of what CMS has communicated to you. More.

February 2014: Rowland Lawsuit Update
In January, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear former Gov. John Rowland’s appeal of last May's court ruling that found they violated the First Amendment rights of union members who were laid off in 2003. If you were impacted by the 2003 layoffs (either through layoff or bumping) please send us an email with your name, employee ID, Council 4 local you belonged to at the time, where you worked and how you were affected to info@council4.org.

January 2014: Pension Breakpoint Agreement Ratified

A recent improvement to the formula used to calculate state employee pensions means that all participants in the State Employee Retirement Systems (SERS) in Tier 2, Tier 2a and Tier 3 who retire on or after July 1, 2013 will see increases in their pension checks when they retire. More...

January 2014: Pension Breakpoint Update

In accordance with SEBAC 2011, the State and the Unions have a tentative agreement on the changes to the Tier 2/2A/3 pension calculation. More.

December 2013: Jepsen Withdraws Appeal of Rowland Ruling to SCOTUS

Attorney General George Jepsen will withdraw his petition to the Supreme Court challenging an Appellate Court ruling that former Gov. Rowland broke the law when he singled out thousands of state employees for layoffs in 2003. Click here for more information.

December 2013: HEP Compliance Deadline Extended to 2/28/14
The deadline for state employees (and enrolled dependents) to comply with the Health Enhancement Program (HEP) preventive and chronic requirements has been extended to February 28, 2014.

The HEP call center at CMS has extended its hours and will now be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. The call center may be reached at 877-687-1448. Click here for more info.

September 2013: State Employees and the ACA "Excise Tax"
Union members have many questions about how the Affordable Care Act’s health benefits excise tax — which begins in 2018 and is inaptly dubbed the “Cadillac tax” — might impact state employee benefits. Click here for some answers.

August 2013: Rowland/Jepsen Appeal Update

The time limit for the State and the individual defendants to ask for a Supreme Court review of the 2nd Circuit's decision on the Rowland layoffs has been extended until October 14, 2013. Assuming the petition for review is filed, it's anticipated the Supreme Court will decide whether or not to hear the case during its next term (October 2013 through June 2014).

Click here for a Q&A on the Attorney General's appeal of the 2nd Circuit Court decision.

July 2013: State of Connecticut Announces Special Open Enrollment for Same-Sex Spouses
On June 26, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the portion of the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) that effectively barred same-sex married couples from being recognized as "spouses" for purposes of federal law. The State of Connecticut has announced a special open enrollment period for state employees and retirees who wish to add a same-sex spouse to the State’s health plan.

Click here for the Memorandum on Special Open Enrollment for Same-Sex Spouses.

July 2013: State Employee Raises, AIs Go Into Effect
In accordance with the 2011 SEBAC job security and cost savings agreement with the State, Council 4 members are scheduled to receive a 3% General Wage Increase (GWI) during the summer of 2013.

Click here for more information and links to your bargaining unit pay scales.

June 2013: Attorney General To Appeal Ruling Against Rowland

Attorney General George Jepsen announced he will seek a review by the U.S. Supreme Court of the 2nd Circuit Court decision in favor of unionized state employees who were found to have been illegally laid off by former Gov. Rowland.

Click here to contact the Attorney General and urge him to drop the appeal.

June 2013: Deadline to Retain Normal Retirement Age Is Sept. 1
If you are in SERS Tier II, IIA, or the Hybrid Plan and want to preserve the current Normal Retirement Date, you must elect to do so by Sept. 1, 2013. Please note the deadline has been moved from July 1 due to the concerns our union and others raised with the State. Click here for the retirement option form, FAQs and background on the issue.

May 2013: 2nd Circuit Court Rules for State Employees, against Rowland
In a huge victory for state employees, a federal court ruled that by singling out union members instead of including managers and other unrepresented employees, the Rowland Administration punished employees for exercising their fundamental right of free association, a right protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

May 2013: Gov. Announces $1.68 Billion Reduction In Retiree Health Care Liabilities
Governor Dannel P. Malloy and State Comptroller Kevin Lembo announced another significant reduction in the state’s future unfunded state employee and retiree health care liabilities – by approximately $1.68 billion – according to a new actuarial report.

The updated report on OPEB (other post-employment benefits) shows a reduction in the state’s projected unfunded actuarial accrued liability (UAAL) from $17.9 billion to $16.2 billion. This reduction builds on last year’s dramatic reduction of $13.3 billion following several health care cost control initiatives implemented across state government.

May 2013: State Payroll System Upgraded
The Office of the State Comptroller announced it has upgraded the retirement state payroll system.

As a result, state retirees may notice their paychecks or direct-deposit statements will have a slightly new look as of June. The improvement should provide a clear format – making it easier to locate key information on your paychecks or direct-deposit statements.

If you have any questions, visit www.osc.ct.gov and click on the hot button titled “Retiree Payroll Change.” This online link will provide a sample of the new paycheck or direct-deposit statement – and it will map out where you can find key information.

While viewing these online samples, move your computer mouse icon across the sample and an information window will appear over each section. These windows will explain where information is located on your paycheck or direct-deposit statement.

May 2013: Retiree Health Fund Contributions Starting July 2013
Under the SEBAC 2009 Agreement new employees and those with less than five years of service as of July 2010 began to contribute 3% of compensation to the Retiree Health Fund to offset the cost of future retiree health coverage.

The SEBAC 2011 Agreement requires that all employees contribute to the Retiree Health Fund for 10 years or until they retire, whichever comes first. Deductions for employees not currently contributing to the fund will start in July 2013.

Click here
for the Comptroller's Memo to personnel and payroll officers or scroll down to "Additional Resources" for the pdf copy of the memo.

May 2013: Open Enrollment for Changing Medical or Dental Plans Closes June 7th
Open enrollment this year runs through June 7, 2013. During open enrollment, you may change medical and/or dental plans, add or drop coverage for your eligible family members, or enroll yourself if you previously waived coverage.

You may also enroll in the Health Enhancement Program (HEP), if you have not done so already. Any changes you make are effective July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014 unless you have a qualifying status change.

For more information and to download the appropriate forms use this link.

May 2013: Missing HEP Payments in May 3 Paycheck
HEP $100 chronic condition bonus payments will be in the paycheck dated May 3rd for those who were eligible and did not receive their payments. The Office of the State Comptroller is correcting omissions made in the first round of payments.

March 2013: HEP Update for Eligible Workers Who Did Not Receive Bonus Payment

We've been contacted by union members who had chronic conditions and were HEP-compliant did not receive their $100 payments. According to the Comptroller's Office, the delay is due to an upgrading of the CORE-CT system and a lack of staff and could take weeks to resolve.

Council 4 Executive Director Sal Luciano will raise the issue at the upcoming Health Care Cost Containment Committee meeting in April. We want to know when the problems are going to be resolved and make sure members are notified when they can receive their payment if they are indeed eligible.

March 2013: Pre-55 Retirement Settlement
Under the terms of an agreement that resulted from a SEBAC grievance, state workers who, on 9/1/11, had 25 years of service, were under 55 years of age and wanted to retire, are eligible to retire -- but may have to pay a penalty. More information:

February 2013: How to Report HEP Chronic Care Bonus Non-Payment
For those active state employees who thought they should have received a HEP Chronic Care Bonus, the Comptroller’s Office has set up process for members to report non-payment.

Employees should email osc.cthep@po.state.ct.us or call 860-702-3560 (this is a voice mail box for HEP issues). They should email or leave in the voice mailbox their name, employee ID number, phone number and indicate that they did not receive a HEP payment. Click here for more information or to read the stipulated agreement.

January 2013: HEP Bonus Payment in Feb. 22nd Paycheck
If you, or a family member on your State medical insurance, have one of the five chronic conditions and complied with the requirements of the HEP disease-management program, you’re entitled to a $100 check.

The five chronic conditions are Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder or Asthma, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), or Coronary Artery Disease (heart disease/heart failure).

The educational component of the disease-management program was not implemented in this first year. Participation in the educational component (talking to a medical professional on the telephone about your chronic condition) will be required for future $100 payments. The insurance company will initiate the telephone conversation.

There is only one $100 payment per eligible policy holder (or household) per year.

January 2013: Comptroller's Memo for Retaining Age 60 or 62 Retirement Age
(Retirement Memo 2013-02 - SEBAC 2011 Option to Retain Normal Grandfathered Retirement Date)

If you are going to reach age 60 with 25 years of service before 6/1/22, you can retire normally. This Memo is only for people who will not attain both before 6/1/22. Click here for the form to retain grandfathered normal retirement date.

December 2012: Arbitrator Rules on Longevity Grievance
Arbitrator Roberta Golick ruled on SEBAC's grievance over longevity bonuses paid to state managers in 2011. Golick denied the grievance, noting that unionized state employees had their longevity frozen for 2 years under the SEBAC 2011 agreement, while managers had their longevity frozen forever.

"SEBAC as a collective group fared far better than did the managers with respect to [the] longevity benefit," Golick wrote in her award.

November 2012: Stipulated Agreement Concerning "Late" Removal of Dependents
A state employee's divorce may end a former spouse's eligibility for family medical coverage. A penalty may have to be paid if the spouse is not promptly removed from the state's health insurance plan. Click here for the stipulated agreement.

November 2012: Longevity Grievance Hearing in December
The State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) grievance on management receiving a longevity payment in October 2011, when unionized employees did not, will be heard by Arbitrator Roberta Golick on Dec. 13, 2012. Assuming that one day of hearings will be sufficient, SEBAC should have a decision in the first quarter of 2013.

October 2012: Unofficial Retirement Calculator
If you cannot retire "normally" before 7/1/22, use the unofficial calculator to find out what percentage of your salary you'll have to pay from 7/1/13 until your retirement to maintain your current normal retirement age of 60 or 62, depending upon your years of service.

For the definition of normal retirement, consult the booklet for your retirement tier available through your human resources department.

Beginning July 1, 2022 the normal retirement age becomes 63 or 65 depending upon your years of service.

October 2012: Comptroller Memo on SEBAC Hazardous Duty Grievance

Click here to read the Comptroller's Memo regarding the SEBAC hazardous duty grievance.

Click here to read arbittrator Roberta Golick's decision on the 2009 Hazardous Duty RIP grievance filed by SEBAC, and the State's responding grievance concerning the impact of accruals for HD employees.

August 2012: Revised Vision/Dental Agreement
SEBAC and the State reached the following stipulated agreement regarding outstanding vision and dental issues:

In-Network Dentists Must be Used for Free Dental Cleanings
. However, those members in United Health Care's enhanced dental plan who used out-of-network dentists for one or two cleanings before 7/1/12 can receive full reimbursement or arrange payment in full.

Reimbursement of Co-Pay for Eye Exams. One eye exam every two years is required by the Health Enhancement Plan. If you paid the co-pay for your first eye exam since 10/1/11 your provider will be directed to reimburse you.

July 2012: HEP Compliance Update:

The overwhelming majority of participants in the Health Enhancement Program (HEP) -- more than 99 percent -- have complied with preventative screening requirements that will likely save the state significant long-term dollars, as well as lives, according to an announcement by Comptroller Kevin Lembo.

The Comptroller’s Office reported that only 501 employees and spouses were not compliant with the new HEP requirements as of June 28, 2012. Approximately 53,000 state employees and new retirees are enrolled in the program.

The areas of largest non-compliance were dental cleanings, followed by cholesterol screenings and then wellness physicals.

For Council 4 bargaining units, the following number of members were deemed non-compliant:

  • NP-3 Clerical: 30
  • NP-4 Corrections: 23
  • Local 749 Judicial: 13
  • P-2 Human and Social Services: 17
  • Local 2836 SUOAF: 4

Those union members who are non-compliant will be given an opportunity to enroll in HEP through the Comptroller's Office.

Earlier this year, Comptroller Lembo announced the costs for state employee health care next year will go up 0%.

May 2012: Agreement Reduces Retiree Health Liability by $13 billion

The 2011 agreement between SEBAC and the State has reduced by approximately $13 billion the state’s future unfunded state employee and retiree health care liabilities, according to a finalized actuarial report. Click here for the news.

May 2012: Open Enrollment Reminder
Open enrollment for health care begins May 1 and runs through May 31, 202. Please click the following related links to help guide your decision.

For Active Members:

For Retirees:


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