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Derby Workers Fight and Win

The Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations recently sided with Council 4, ordering the town of Derby to
cease and desist from using a private company to operate the transfer station. 

The board’s ruling came in response to an unfair labor practice complaint Council 4 filed against the town on behalf of Local 1303-006, which represents Derby Public Works employees. Council 4 successfully argued that the town ignored the collective bargaining agreement when it extended a subcontracting agreement with Annex Associates to run the transfer station and perform bargaining unit work.

“This case was about more than protecting our work. Our goal was to stop corrupt privatization,” said Local 1303-006 President Ron Luneau. “We’re thankful that we have a great union like Council 4 to back us up.”

Council 4 Staff Representative James Castelot served as spokesman for Local 1303-006 before the labor board.

L-R: Local 1303-006 members Billy Tiano, Mike Piscioneri and Ron Luneau, along with Council 4 Rep Jim Castelot.

According to Castelot, the town of Derby has refused to comply with the labor board’s ruling that it sit down with Council 4 and negotiate the impact on bargaining unit members that arose from the use of a private company. 

“We will file a non-compliance complaint with the labor board,” Castelot said. “We’re not going to stop until the town of Derby does right by its workers and residents.”

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