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Waterford Supervisors Join Council 4

Waterford Town Supervisors, Local 818.

Council 4 is pleased to welcome our newest Local 818 Chapter, the Waterford Town Supervisors Union. The 21-member bargaining unit joined Council 4 to receive stronger representation and advocacy.

“We needed representation that was a better fit for our union,” said Tax Assessor Michael Bekech. “Council 4 has a more widespread presence in our communities and has greater resources to help us as negotiate a fair and equitable contract.”

Waterford Town Supervisors were previously represented by USPEU, but were dissatisfied with that organization’s top-down business approach as they head into negotiations for a successor collective bargaining agreement.

“We wanted a democratic organization that would allow us to function as a member-driven union,” said Ryan McNamara, Assistant Director of Recreation and Parks. “Council 4 will respect our own decision-making process and not try to force feed us.”

Last fall, Winchester Public Works and Water employees rejoined Council 4 after receiving substandard representation from UPSEU.

Council 4 Staff Representative Brett Owen and Service Representative John DeVito will advocate for Waterford Local 818.

“We are excited and proud that Waterford Town Supervisors have placed their faith in us,” said Kevin Murphy, Council 4’s Director of Collective Bargaining and Organizing. “We work forward to representing these dedicated public servants on the job and in their community.”

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