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CT State Employees' Campaign

The annual Connecticut State Employees' Campaign for Charitable Giving (CSEC) provides state employees an opportunity to generously donate a small portion of their paycheck to charities helping out the less fortunate.

The 2013 Campaign runs until Nov. 30.

The labor movement asks that you please consider donor-designating to the United Labor Agency, which provides valuable services to Connecticut workers, both union and non-union, including:

  • Access to food pantry for striking & unemployed workers
  • Technical assistance for meeting needs when preparing for a strike or major layoff
  • Support to member survive job loss and how to access state & federal services
  • Quality out-placement services to community & union members by union members
  • Employment assistance including career counseling, job searches & basic computer training

The ULA is in desperate need of funds to continue doing their good work. When filling out your Recognition Contribution Form, you can donor-designate the ULA using the following codes and descriptions:

  • 5098 for Hartford ULA
  • 4968 for Middletown ULA
  • 6809 for Waterbury ULA

Scroll down to "Additional Resources" to learn more about CSEC and to access an informational flyer and the Recognition Contribution Form.

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