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Council 4 Endorses Gov. Malloy

Gov. Malloy and Lt. Gov. Wyman answer questions from Council 4 political action committee members and delegates.

NEW BRITAIN, CT (August 14, 2014)
– Council 4 AFSCME announced today its endorsement of Governor Dannel P. Malloy for Governor and Nancy Wyman for Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut.

Delegates from Connecticut’s largest AFL-CIO union voted to endorse Governor Malloy following minute candidate interviews held with the Council 4 PEOPLE political action committee, which is comprised of rank-and-file members. Committee members interviewed Malloy and third-party candidate Jonathan Pelto. Interviews were open to all gubernatorial candidates who expressed interest and completed a candidate questionnaire.

The endorsement is the culmination of a several months-long process of deliberation amongst Council 4 members, including meetings at workplaces and local union chapters, and a delegates’ convention held in April.

“Council 4 members are backing Governor Malloy and Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman because we know it’s what Connecticut needs to continue building an economy that works for everyone,” said Thomas Stough of Manchester, Chairman of the Council 4 PEOPLE Committee and President of AFSCME Local 991, representing town and board of education workers in Manchester.

“We’ve made tremendous progress since the Governor’s election in 2010, where he faced a five billion dollar hole in the budget. We’ve come a long way towards fixing it, and we look forward to building on that success for four more years," Stough added.

Council 4’s support follows prior endorsements from the State AFL-CIO, AFT Connecticut, the SEIU State Council, the UAW, Machinists, and other unions, providing significant grassroots resources in what is expected to be a tight campaign. Hundreds of Council 4 employees are prepared to engage their co-workers and mobilize in their neighborhoods and communities in support of Malloy and other pro-worker candidates.

“As we’ve seen in Wisconsin and other states, the rights of middle and working-class Americans are under attack as never before,” said Sal Luciano, Council 4 AFSCME Executive Director.

“Governor Malloy by contrast has made a commitment to protecting public services and respecting employees’ rights. Our members know that if we join together we can make the difference in stopping a so-called ‘Wisconsin moment’ from taking place in Connecticut," Luciano added.

During the 2010 gubernatorial elections, more than 300 Council 4 members volunteered and sent over 200,000 pieces of mail, placed over 53,000 member-to-member phone calls and knocked on thousands of fellow union members’ doors in neighborhoods throughout Connecticut.

Council 4 looks to surpass these numbers in the next few months and has engaged five full-time organizers who will work from now through Election Day to mobilize volunteers. Hundreds of thousands of families across Connecticut will receive multiple communications between now and November. The union has already talked one-on-one with over 500 of its members in the last month alone, emphasizing the extraordinary stakes of the coming election.

Council 4 delegates with Gov. Malloy and Lt. Gov. Wyman.

“I’m excited to get started campaigning on behalf of the Governor,” said Kristy Porter of East Haven, a Council 4 delegate and Executive Board member of AFSCME Local 749, which represents state judicial employees. “Governor Malloy has proven repeatedly that he stands with ordinary working people like me and has our best interests in mind. I’ll be working as hard as I can this fall to show my friends and family why Governor Malloy is by far the best choice for Connecticut.”


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