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Burlington Workers Ratify First Contract

Less than a year after voting to form a union, the members of Local 1303-447 of Council 4, representing Burlington Town Hall and Library Employees, have a strong first contract in place that protects town services and strengthens the rights of workers who deliver those services.

Under the terms of the three-year agreement, Local 1303-447 members will receive general wage increases totaling 5% (including a wage freeze in 2010-2011). The contract includes new language establishing a progressive disciplinary procedure; grievance and arbitration provisions; seniority preference for layoffs, recalls and vacancies; and union release time for officers.

The agreement was negotiated on behalf of the Local by the bargaining committee consisting of Town Hall and Library Employees Christa Ronalter, Diana Rudzinski, Wendy Cunningham and Tom Arcari, and former employee Cory Iacino, and Council 4 staff Tim Oppenheimer and Dave Testa. It was ratified by the full membership on October 18.

Local union members voted to join Council 4 in January 2010 — at a time when the economy was bottoming out.

“We voted to unionize because we were deeply concerned about job security and how that would affect our ability to provide the town with the best services,” said Local 1303-447 President Christa Ronalter, an assistant town clerk in Burlington . “The representation we’ve received from Council 4 shows we made the right decision.”

Pictured l-r: Council 4 Staff Representative Tim Oppenheimer; Local 1303-447 Bargaining Committee members Diana Rudzinski; Christa Ronalter; Wendy Cunningham and Tom Arcari; and Council 4 Field Representative David Testa. Not pictured is former bargaining unit president Corey Iacino.

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