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Killingly Instructional Assistants Union, Board of Education At Odds

WINY Radio 1350 AM
March 26, 2015

The Killingly Board of Education and Council 4 AFSCME public service workers union will soon enter into binding arbitration contract negotiations regarding instructional assistants, after both parties have been unable to come to an agreement since the collective bargaining contract in question expired in 2013.

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Last night's school board meeting saw several instructional assistants present their concerns to the board, stating that they feel their compensation, including wages and benefits, are not at a fair level when weighed against the amount of work that they do.

Acting education chairman John Burns asked that two of the speakers refrain from going into details of their contracts during public commentary, stating that it was not the time or place to discuss such matters.

Spokesman for Council 4 AFSCME public service workers union Larry Dorman was upset by Burns's statement, and believes that because of the current impasse and pending arbitration, these details can be discussed openly.

The board did not reply to the citizens who spoke at the meeting, but Superintendent Kevin Farr gave his official position on the subject afterward.

Farr calls the upcoming binding arbitration process and present inability for both parties to come to an agreement “unfortunate” and maintains that the goal of the board is to obtain “a contract that is fair to the employees but also affordable to the town and its taxpayers.”

While only five citizens spoke at the podium, the meeting was attended by many instructional assistants and supporters, many wearing AFSCME shirts.

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