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So. Windsor Workers Recognized

Kudos to South Windsor Public Works Maintainers Mark Hilton and Tim Cronin, members of AFSCME Local 1303-028, who helped prevent a potentially destructive fire.

On Jan. 17, Cronin and Hilton were driving in their town truck when they noticed a trash can fire abutting a residential property.

After calling the Fire Department, they approached the fire because it had started to melt the siding on the house. They also knocked on the homeowners’ door to make sure they were alerted.

“We both ran up to the house tipped the garbage container over to get it away from the house,” Cronin said. “We shoveled snow on the fire so it wouldn’t spread.”

On Jan. 22, the South Windsor Town Council recognized Cronin and Hilton for their action, saying their quick thinking helped avert damage and possible loss of lives.

“We work for a good town and take pride in what we do,” said Hilton, a member of the union’s Executive Board.

Tim Cronin and Mark Hilton, front row, center, with certificates, are recognized by S. Windsor officials.

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