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Local 2836 Members Aid CCSU Students

Photos courtesy of CCSU

Members of the Central Connecticut State University chapter of AFSCME Local 2836, the State University Organization of Administrative Faculty (SUOAF), stepped up to the plate March 17 to donate $5,000 to the CCSU Foundation to help students attain their educational dreams.

SUOAF President Jody Barr and CCSU Chapter President Lisa Bigelow presented the donation to an appreciative CCSU President Jack Miller and Director of Institutional Advancement Chris Galligan.

“Our members want to give back to the students we love so much and the institution we care about so much,” Bigelow said. “We interact with students on a daily basis. We see their struggles and needs, and we are committed to making a difference in their lives, and to making sure the dream of quality public higher education stays within reach.”

“Our ability to continue supporting our students is critical to the mission of this institution,” President Miller told SUOAF union members. “Your contribution comes at a time when you all deserve recognition for the positive contributions you make to helping our students achieve, grow and flourish at this university.”

AFSCME Local 2836 represents more than 820 administrative faculty employees at Central Connecticut, Eastern Connecticut, Southern Connecticut, Western Connecticut and the State Board of Regents

L-R: Chris Galligan, Lisa Bigelow, Jack Miller and Jody Barr.


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