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State Increases Arbitration Filing Fees

Effective July 1, 2016, the filing fee for grievance arbitration cases submitted to the Board of Mediation and Arbitration increased to $200 from its current level of $25. (This increase applies to both the union and the employer.)

The filing fee change was included as a part of the large budget implementation bill that the General Assembly passed during the special legislative session that took place in May. Gov. Malloy originally sought to push the fee to $250. Council 4 opposed this sizeable increase and mobilized other unions to oppose it as well. We argued that the governor’s proposal could prove to be a disincentive to pursuing grievance arbitration.

In the end, our lobbying efforts helped to reduce the final filing fee to $200. An 800% increase captures the inequity of a state budget that was balanced on the backs of working people due to the refusal of Gov. Malloy and legislative leadership to pursue better choices, like restoring taxes on Connecticut’s ultra-wealthy and closing loopholes that benefit large corporations.

The filing fee outcome also illustrates why we must continue fighting for a fair and progressive budget that protects public services at the state and local levels.

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