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Teaming Up for Wallingford Kids in Need

Wallingford public service workers and Town Council members and candidates support The Wishing Well.

The emphasis was on teamwork and community as members of AFSCME Local 1183, the union representing Wallingford employees in town hall, public works, dispatch, sewer and other offices, paired up with Town Council members and candidates for a night of “Go-Kart Soccer” to help raise funds for The Wallingford Wishing Well, a charitable organization that serves Wallingford children and families in need.

The benefit took place Oct. 4 at On-Track Karting on North Colony Road. Members of the Police and Firefighter
Unions also took part in an evening of individual racing and team soccer.

“We think this is a good way to give back to the community,” said AFSCME Local 1183 President Chuck Ballard. “We’ve always supported The Wallingford Wishing Well.”

Ballard added, “It’s also a good way to interact with our local elected officials. We’re all here to serve the public and improve our community.”

Town Council Chair Robert Parisi was on hand, along with Council members Jason Zandri, Vincent Cervoni,
Thomas Laffin, John LeTourneau, Craig Fishbein, John Sullivan and retiring Councilperson Rosemary Rascati. Council candidate Christine Mansfield also participated.

“This is a nice idea to support a worthwhile project,” Parisi said.

Wishing Well President Chris Holcomb thanked union members, Town Councilors and Town Council candidates for pitching in to help Wallingford children.

“Without events like this, and without people making generous donations, we simply could not do the things we do to improve the lives of townspeople,” Holcomb said.

Wallingford Wishing Well Secretary Sue Brooks noted that The Wallingford Wishing Well was able to utilize funds raised to send a 6-year-old Wallingford child with cerebral palsy and her family to Florida for a 6-week program of intensive physical therapy.

“This child has returned home, and she’s walking without braces. This is an example of what we can do when the community rallies behind us, like the town workers and elected officials are doing,” Brooks said.

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