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Coalition of Black Trade Unionists: "Now is our Future"

Kathleen S. Jackson, who is also President of the Connecticut Chapter of CBTU, attended the CBTU 38th International Conference in Atlanta from May 21 - 24.  Kathy went on to report:

"This year’s theme, aptly titled “Now is the Future”, was in perfect harmony with the country’s need for change. Many of the convention speakers spoke on this topic and we all agree. Electing Barack Obama to the Presidency is not the end of racism. His election is our calling card to use our voices to ensure that working families, and people of color in particular, are not made out to be the problem but are part of the solution to restoring the middle class. As a labor leader, I take from this convention that it is my responsibility to push CBTU’s national agenda on health care reform, the Employee Free Choice Act and any other issues that help working people keep their heads held high, maintain their dignity and regain the respect they’ve earned and deserve for an honest days work. Instead of “Now is the Future, I say the “The Future is Now!"

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