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Fairfield Custodian Helps Save a Life

As the head custodian at Dwight Elementary School in Fairfield and a youth baseball coach in his hometown of
Stratford , Bill Augustine is a proud public servant trying to make a difference in the lives of young people.

He recently made a big difference when a fourth-grade student started choking on a large piece of fruit during lunch.

Augustine, a member of Local 1779 (Fairfield School Custodians and Maintainers), was working in the school cafeteria and noticed the youngster in distress. “I saw the child was having serious trouble breathing. That’s when my instinct kicked in,” he said.

Augustine helped the student dislodge the food and regain his breath. He continued to comfort the boy and stayed with him in the nurse’s office, too.

“He was scared, so I just tried to keep him as calm as possible,” Augustine reflected. “Whether you’re a worker, a parent, or a coach, you have to be alert and aware of your surroundings.”

Local 1779 President Lou Meszoros and Vice President Jeffrey Pressler joined Council 4 Staff Representative Anthony Bento in presenting a special plaque of recognition to Augustine.

“I’m proud of Bill and all of our members,” Meszoros said. “We’re professionals. We go through training. Each of us brings a special quality to the job.”

Augustine embodies that professionalism. “School custodians do so much more than people realize,” he said. “We’re part of the community. We’re responsible for the children.”

L-R: Council 4 Staff Representative Anthony Bento; Local 1779 members Bill Augustine, Lou Meszoros and Jeffrey Pressler.

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