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Local 749 Salutes Life-Saving Members

Hartford, CT, Sept. 15, 2016 – Hartford Juvenile Detention Officer (JDO) Frankie Williams might be not alive but for the heroic actions of her fellow judicial employees Giovanni Gagliardi and Mark Burgess.

On June 15, 2016, Williams fell ill and passed out at the Hartford Juvenile Courthouse, where she was monitoring a juvenile awaiting hearing. Gagliardi, a shift supervisor at Hartford Juvenile Detention, responded immediately and found that Williams not breathing and she had no pulse.

Gagliardi began performing CPR on Williams. Burgess, a marshal at the Hartford Juvenile Courthouse, arrived with a defibrillator. Both Gagliardi and Burgess continued CPR until emergency medics arrived and Williams to a local hospital, where she made a full recovery.

Williams and Gagliardi are members of AFSCME Local 749, the union representing 1,600 state Juvenile Branch and Department of Criminal Justice Employees. Burgess is a member of IBPO Local 731, representing state judicial marshals.

On Sept. 15, 2016, Local 749 honored Williams, Gagliardi and Burgess during a regional meeting in Hartford, and presented them with a special plaque of recognition.

“Giovanni, Frankie and Mark are dedicated public servants and union members who never quit, whether it’s protecting the public or helping each other in life-threatening moments,” Local 749 President Chuck DellaRocco said. “We are proud of them and their contributions to the judicial system.”

Pictured, l-r: Local 749 Hartford Region Vice President Dana Beecham-Brown; Local 749 members Giovanni Gagliardi and Frankie Williams; and Local 749 President Charles DellaRocco. Missing from picture is IBPO Local 731 member Mark Burgess.

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