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If we don't "do" politics, politics will "do" us. We need to do more than get involved in election campaigns; we need to hold public officials accountable when they're in office.

Over the past twenty years, we have seen the rules of the road in this economy deteriorate. No longer can working families who play-by-the-rules and work hard achieve economic security. That’s why we need to revive the public structures that once made the American Dream attainable.

Council 4 has launched the Campaign for the Middle Class. It’s our legislative field campaign to promote a fair tax structure to fund strong public services; affordable, accessible healthcare through pooling and a public option; and real retirement security for all workers.

Join us as we build on our success in fighting for working families throughout the country in our legislative field campaign. Sign up today to get involved and we will make sure you get the materials you need to organize your local and your neighborhood.

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