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State Clerical Stewards Mobilize

Members of Local 562 at the Statewide Stewards Training.

The challenges facing union stewards these days are bigger than ever, from representation at the workplace to mobilization in the community.

State clerical employees learned about those challenges -- the tools that will be needed to protect middle class living standards -- during the 10th Annual NP-3 Administrative Clerical Statewide Steward Training & Recognition Day May 18 in New Haven.

"We designed this day to thank our union stewards for their dedication and service," said Local 562 and Council 4 Executive Board member Thursa Isaac, "but we also see it as an opportunity to ask for an even stronger commitment to building their union."

That commitment, Isaac said, can come in many forms, from fighting to protect members' contractual rights at work to volunteering to help worker-friendly candidates seeking political office.

House Speaker Chris Donovan keynoted the Stewards Recognition ceremony. Donovan is seeking to represent Connecticut's 5th Congressional District in this November's election.

L-R: Rebecca Bleeker (Local 610); Anna C. Cruz (Local 478), Denise Stevenson (Local 704) and Kelly Martinez of Council 4.

The training also featured Council 4 Staff Representative Jeff Scanlon, the chief  negotiators for the NP-3 Bargaining Unit; Kelly Martinez, who did a training on workplace leadership and member engagement; Council 4 Executive Director Sal Luciano; and Council 4 Political Staff Brian Anderson and Matthew Brokman.

Also recognized for their leadership were the presidents of the NP-3 Bargaining Units: Linda Armstrong (Local 355); Robert Augusta (Local 318); Grisselle Gonzalez (Local 196); Thursa Isaac (Local 562); Jeff Norton (Local 478); Roberta Price (Local 610); Wilson Maestre-Soto (Local 704); and Dawn Tyson (Local 538).

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